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Microchannel cooler


Microchannel cooler   Joint program with Fraunhofer ILT (Germany) leads to the development of new-structured microchannel heat sink which gives the high power LD module a longer life. Complement effect between Cu and Mo and microprocessing technology of inside channels make it low electric-resistant and CTE-matched with LD. Au coating on the inside of the channels results in the improvement in corrosion prevention.


Realize higher power and longer life of the LD module
●Possible to mount 120 W class LD
●Realize CTE (coefficient of thermal expansion) 8ppm/℃
  ・Possible to mount LD directly on microchannel cooler without a submount
●Realize longer life of the LD module
  ・CTE matching on the LD mounting area
  ・Complete Au coating on inside of the channel for preventing corrosion
●AuSn solder deposition on the LD mounting area
●Joint development with Fraunhofer ILT (Germany
●Material selection: Cu-W-Cu or Cu
 (In case of Cu made MCC, a submount is required)
●Diamond turning process is available
Note: Patented in Japan, U.S. and EPC.
Microchannel cooler

CTE matching structure

Cross section

(CTE is controlled by Cu-Mo-Cu 7 layers)
Microchannel cooler
Fluid simulation
Evaluation features of standard specification <Reference>
Fluid simulation  
TC Approx. 0.5℃/W 500ml/min
Flow rate Approx. 500 ml/min 150kPa
Warpage <1μm LD mounting area
Size 11.0×20.0×1.55t(mm) Single type
11.0×27.0×1.55t(mm) Stack type


End user market / Applications

Industrial laser
・Laser equipment for welding, cutting, marking,
surface treatment(e.g. annealing), etc
・Medical laser equipment for ophthalmology and epilation, and endoscopes,etc
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