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Micro-hole glass


Micro-hole glass  
Anodic bonding with a silicon wafer can result in solving the out-gas issue. It can be used in the wafer-level-packaging (WLP) process.
Micro-hole glass


●Micro-hole processing
  ・min. size φ0.1mm
●Max. glass size φ300 mm
 (Some processes are only available up to ø200 mm wafer max.)
Improve bonding yield of device wafers
● Suppress sagging around the holes
● Minimize chipping size
  ・≦10μm is available
Standard specifications
Material Glass
Glass size ≦φ300mm(*)
Min. thickness 0.15mm
Thickness tolerance ±0.01mm
Min. hole size φ0.1mm
Hole shape upon request
Hole size tolerance ±0.02mm
Chipping ≦100μm
Cross section shape Straight / Taper / Step
Metallization process Available
Note: These are standard specifications.
In case you have any request except for this, please feel free to contact us.
Sagging comparison
Chipping comparison
Sharp edge type   Standard type
Sharp edge type   Standard type
Sagging size
Width <10μm
Depth <0.1μm
Sagging size
Width >400μm
Depth >0.7μm
Less-chipping type   Standard type
Less-chipping type   Standard type

End user market / Applications

・Pressure sensors, Acceleration sensors.
・RF-MEMS switches.
・Image sensors,etc
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