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Product search by Category

Below are our products by product category.
Metal products
Metal products
Heatsinks for optical communication, industrial laser, power semiconductor devices, MPU, etc.
arr02 Microchannel cooler
arr02 CuW submount
arr02 Insulation type
Cu-AlN-Cu submounts
arr02 High pressure seamless
arr02 Mounts / Carriers
arr02 Metal_diamond_composites
Glass products
Glass products

Glass products for display devices for projectors, sensors, mobile devices, semiconductors,

biotechnology/medical equipment, etc.

arr02 Through glass via (TGV)
arr02 Micro-hole glass
arr02 Microfluidic glass
arr02 Cavity Glass / Cap glass
arr02 Mesh glass
arr02 Spacer glass
arr02 Chemically-strengthened glass
Metal and ceramic products such as Si, Al2O3, Al, Sapphire, etc.

arr02 Silicon products
arr02 Silicon wafer for dicing test