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Through glass via (TGV)


Through glass via (TGV)   3-dimensional wafer-level-packaging (WLP) is the most suitable for miniaturizing semiconductor devices. It also can improve the high-frequency properties of the devices with the metal via.


Through glass via makes it possible to minimize devices
● Anodic bonding with a silicon wafer is available
   Non-adhesive process can solve the out-gas issue
● Excellent high-frequency properties, ideal for RF application
  ・Low stray capacitance compared with TSV
  ・Low inductance
  ・Low electric-resistance (due to metal rods)
Suitable for WL-CSP MEMS packaging
● Fine via pitch tolerance
  ・Consecutive pitch <±20μm/φ200 mm wafer
  ・Consecutive Via pitch <±20μm
● Available up to φ200mm wafers
Standard specifications
Material Borofloat 33, SW-YY
Glass size ≦φ200mm
Min. thickness 0.3mm
Min. Via diameter φ0.15mm
Hole size tolerance ±0.02mm
Max. aspect ratio 1 : 5
Via material Si、W(Tungsten)
Via hermeticity ( He leak test ) 1×10-9 Pa・m3/s
Via-Glass gap Std. 0μm〜3.0μm
Option 1 0μm〜1.0μm
Option 2 -3.0μm〜0μm
Via shape Straight
Cavity process Available
Metallization process Available
Bump process Available
Note: These are standard specifications.
In case you have any request for other than the above, please feel free to contact us.
Cavity type
High flatness
TGV application sample
TGV application sample

End user market / Applications

・ RF-switches/relays for mobile devices such as smartphones, portable video games, digital cameras, car navigation systems,
Pressure sensors, Gyroscopes, Acceleration sensors, image sensors
・ RF-MEMS switches.
・ Image sensors,etc
・ Pressure sensors, Acceleration sensors.
・ Gyroscopes,etc
・ Pressure sensors for medical devices,etc
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