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About "Cross-edge" microprocessing

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 What kind of materials can TECNISCO process?

A1 Materials such as metal (CuW/Kv/Al/Ag/Mo/Cu), glass (borosilicate/silica glass), Al2O3/sapphire or monosilicon/polysilicon can be processed.
Q2 What kind of processes does TECNISCO have?

A wide variety of processing can be applied to metal, glass, ceramics, and silicon. Please contact us for more information.
Processing method
Material Dicing CNC
Sandblasting Ultrasonic
Polishing Plating Sputtering Vapor
Assembling Etching
◎・・・Possible  ○・・・Conditional
Q3 What kind of processing technologies is TECNISCO good at?

A3 We are good at combined technologies, crossing more than two different leading-edge processing methods. We call it "Cross-edge“ microprocessing technology, which is based on the following five processing technologies: Cutting, Grinding, Polishing, Metalizing and Bonding.
Q4 Can TECNISCO process glass microreactors or mixers, or glass with metal-filled via?

Yes, we can by combining several processing technologies. Please go to the product pages for more information.
Through glass via (TGV)
Microfluidic glass
Q5 Can TECNISCO process products on a trial-production basis?

A5 Yes, we can. We first take part in a consultation with you to realize what you really want, and move on to the steps of trial- and mass-production. We can smoothly move from trial to mass-production.
Q6 Is any standard product available?

A6 Yes, there are standard products.
Q7 What processing tolerance can TECNISCO ensure?

A7 We strive to meet your requests, but it depends on the materials, required processing technologies and products you want. Please contact us for more information.
Q8 Is it possible to deliver products with a short lead-time?

A8 We strive to meet your request on delivery, but it depends on the products you have placed orders for. Please contact us for more information.
Q9 What kind of materials can you process for heat sinks?

Below are the material characteristics list which show the materials we can process and relations between CTE (coefficient of thermal expansion) and thermal conductivity. Furthermore, three-layer Cu-AlN-Cu and seven-layer Cu-Mo-Cu products are available.
Material characteristics list
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