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Spacer glass


Spacer glass   Suitable for multilayer packaging by combining with semiconductor wafers such as MEMS devices.


Wafer image
Improve bonding yield with device wafers
● Control sagging around the holes
● Minimize chipping size
  ・≦10μm is available
●Remove microcracks from machined surface to control the particles
   ・Prevent malfunctions in bonding with MEMS devices
Standard specifications
Material Glass
Glass size ≦φ200mm
Min. thickness 0.15mm
Thickness tolerance ±0.01mm
Min. hole size φ0.3mm
Window shape upon request
Window size tolerance ±0.02mm
Chipping size ≦100μm
Cross-section shape Straight / Taper / Step
Metallization process Available
Note: These are standard specifications.
In case you have any request other than these, please feel free to contact us.
Fig. A B arrow Fig. A B   Illustration

End user market / Applications

・Display devices for projectors,etc
・RF-switches/relays for mobile devices such as smartphones, portable video games, digital cameras, car navigation systems,
・Analytical chips for DNA/drug-discovery-screening analyzers,etc
・Microreactors for biochemical reaction/electrophoresis analyzers,etc
・Bioreactors for chemical sensors, microorganism-detection sensors,etc
・Industrial gas-detection sensors,etc
・RF-MEMS switches.
・Image sensors,etc
・Pressure sensors, Acceleration sensors.
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